2019 Alphabet Dollar Coins Available in Sets

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How many times have you been to the Post Office in the past 4 weeks? The idea has been to get coin enthusiasts in-store, make a purchase and receive random alphabet $1 coins in change. What a hard slog that’s been. I purchased a folder and must have just about talked with every post office employee in the entire north of Adelaide to finally secure all 26 coins from Australia Post (A) to Zooper Dooper (Z). After the exhaustive process customers are now aware they could have more easily purchased the complete set without all the change shenanigans -but Australia Post didn’t want you to know this, it was a closely guarded secret (in the fine print under the in-store sign -crossed out/white-out in most locations).

From Monday 28th, as it appears in the “Spread the Merry” Christmas catalogue we see that we are able to buy a complete set, in a tube of The Great Aussie Coin Hunt coins for $49. These have been on eBay for a few weeks now with some paying a hefty price for a shorter wait for all the coins. Patience here is the key.

There’s also an incentive to purchase the tube of coins at the premium it incurs -you have the chance to uncover a yet unannounced mintage of special ‘A’ coins with a slight difference in the design. These have an added envelope in the fields near the A.

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The word on the street (perhaps overheard leaning on the red posting box) is that collectors will be able to purchase this set in aluminium bronze proof and silver proof finish. There’s no mention of this yet through any official announcements.

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