The Changeover Tour in Adelaide for ANZAC Day 2016


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The Changeover Tour arrived in Adelaide! For ANZAC Day the Royal Australian Mint rolled into town with their little blue tent dwarfed by the sea of veterans, returned soldiers, military personnel and spectators out to commemorate ANZAC Day 2016. An early start the RAM tent opened at 7am and we were there early to see what was going on.

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The early queues were quite short and by 9am we were been and gone so we can’t comment on the rest of the days activity. Visitors to the Mint tent could purchase a map counterstamped ANZAC dollar, various mint products or swap their cash for new 50th Anniversary of Decimal Currency commemorative coins and coloured $2. We didn’t see the mobile press in action so it’s fair to say it wasn’t popular at $10 for a dollar coin. The ANZAC Centenary coin program issues were keenly sought for the occasion. The coin swap was by far the winner of the day with only a limit on the 5 coin red $2 bags -1 per line-up. If you brought enough cash then you were able to swap Orange commemorative $2 5 coin bags, 2016 50 years of decimal currency 50c, 20c, 10c and 5c all for face value with no limitations except for what you could carry! Our RAM friends were cheery as usual for such an early start. The day continued until 2pm through all the ANZAC celebrations in the Torrens parade grounds and RSL headquarters in the heart of Adelaide.

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