Innovation in Inflation

April fool 2019!!

Always innovative The Royal Australian Mint has just announced the worlds first self inflationary coin to be struck today! The coins are as thick as the two dollar coin, but slightly larger than the dollar coin. The new coin will be a five dollar denomination and made in a new composition of hardened soap. A spokesperson for the Mint is reported to say during the long hot Aussie summer inflation should be as slow as a Koala. But in the tropical wet and West Australian winters the inflation might be faster, perhaps as fast as Goanna on fire! The coins will be taken out of circulation when they reach a value of ten dollars. Health departments in all states are happy with the innovation, saying “its a ripper bonus as the hygiene of the nation will improve as cleaner transactions appear everywhere, besides we will all have clean hands!” The numismatic community are awash with anticipation for this release, check the Royal Australian Mint website for details of how to get your hands on this new coin release.

Written by Guest Author Jonathon de Hadleigh, Edited by the Australian Coin Collecting Blog

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