2019 Dollar Coins Marked With 35 A, U or S Check Your Change and Register at Dollar Coin Discovery

Image Courtesy the Royal Australian Mint and dollardiscovery.com.au

The collecting world has been excited to find new one dollar coins in circulation with special marks.

What is this all about?

Dated 2019 some new $1 coins have been found in change that bear a tiny number 35 and marks (collectors call these privymarks) “A”, “U” or “S” in between the kangaroos on the standard 5 kangaroo design dollar coin. The Royal Australian Mint (RAM) who strike our circulating coinage have announced that these special coins have been marked to celebrate 35 years of the dollar coin and the iconic 5 kangaroo “mob of roos” design by the late Stuart Devlin.

A million of each $1 coin have been released into circulation and the Mint are calling out to collectors and treasure hunters to check their change for these specially marked coins. The Australian Dollar Discovery has its own website where you can go and register your special coin find to go into a draw to win prizes. The major prize (8 winners, one per state or territory) is a 1 kilogram pure silver coin, a trip to Canberra to strike your 1kg coin and a VIP tour of the Royal Australian Mint. Included are flights and 2 nights accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children staying at Jamala Wildlife Lodge. Second prize is one of 250 $150 Royal Australian Mint gift vouchers or third prize one of 5,000 special money boxes.

What a fantastic idea to promote the coin collecting hobby and get collectors, enthusiasts and the general public looking at their change. Happy Coin Hunting Peoples!

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