eBay Error Coins of the Week

It’s time to have a look at some of the most interesting error coins available to Australian buyers via eBay auctions or BIN listings.

Australia 1964 Ramstrike Penny

The ramstrike or high lip coin error is a favourite among collectors. The error is a result of the coin blank not engaging properly with the collar die when struck and part of the blank is extruded as the blank is driven down into the anvil die by the hammer die. In this case, as the high lip is on the reverse of the coin the obverse was the anvil die and the reverse the hammer die.

If you’re looking for a high grade example of the ramstrike then the 1964M penny is probably going to be the easiest to find. The example in this auction has a decent sized bulging lip, is mostly toned brown, but still has a decent amount of remaining mint red and looks like it would be a good example of the type.

View the 1964M Ramstrike Penny on eBay

1946 Florin struck with Broken Die Error

There are broken dies and then there are broken dies. The 1946 florin in this auction was struck when the reverse die has cleanly broken into two parts with one segment shifting a millimetre or two away from the other. What’s more it appears that the broken part of the die has tilted slightly. The result is a massive reverse die crack and extensive strike weakness due to the broken part of the die tilting or moving when the coin was struck. A quite remarkable error and not one we’ve seen before.

View the 1946 Florin struck with Broken Die Error on eBay

Buyer Beware

We only found a couple of errors worth posting up this week but while we were looking about we saw a number of coins with multiple bids that were being sold as errors but were clearly NOT errors. We remind our readers to educate themselves with regards to the coin manufacturing process and to never bid on anything that they are unsure about. We also encourage you to read our These Coins ARE NOT Errors article as at least a couple of the “errors” we saw with multiple bids are excellent examples of fabricated errors we talk about in that article.

Information provided in this article is our opinion only on the coin depicted in the images shown in the eBay listing. It is not an endorsement of any seller and any purchase our readers make through eBay is at their own risk and adheres to eBay’s terms and conditions.

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