eBay Error Coins of the Week

It’s time to have a look at some of the most interesting error coins available to Australian buyers via eBay auctions or BIN listings.

1976 Broadstrike Error 5 Cent

The broadstrike coin error is the most commonly available error on the decimal 5 cent coin. However, in almost all examples the coins date to this century and it’s unusual to see one dating back to 1976. But in the case of this eBay auction we’ve got exactly that, a broadstruck 1976 5 cent in a decent (and perhaps uncirculated) grade. This coin appears from the images to be a nice example of an earlier date copper nickel Australian decimal coin with this type of error. Realising $228.40 plus postage, the auction now complete achieved a high price.

View the 1976 Broadstrike 5 Cent on eBay

1946 Shilling Broadstrike Error

Another broadstrike coin error, this one on a shilling dating 3 decades prior to the last coin we talked about. While not technically an off-centre error (because none of the design is missing) it wouldn’t surprise us to see it called thus with an impressive bulging lip around about half of the coin. Shilling errors of this type are not unusual but examples from 1946 are a bit harder to find. As is typical with this type of error the protected side of the coin (reverse) is an excellent grade (perhaps UNC) while the obverse shows some signs of wear. Despite this the coin looks to be a nicely broadstruck shilling from more than 60 years ago.

1946 Shilling Broadstrike Error

1962 Penny Rotated Die or Upset Die Error Set

Australian coins are typically struck in medal alignment and in most cases any other angles result in the upset or rotated die coin error. Similar to the better known 2001 Centenary of Federation upset error 1962 upset pennies can be found with any degree of upset. This eBay seller has put together a so-called ‘clock face’ of 1962 upset errors with 12 coins at each hour of the clock face. It’s an interesting set and the first of the type we’ve seen. In fact, we very rarely see a single 1962 upset penny, let alone a set of 12!

1962 Penny Rotated Die or Upset Die Error Set

Information provided in this article is our opinion only on the coin depicted in the images shown in the eBay listing. It is not an endorsement of any seller and any purchase our readers make through eBay is at their own risk and adheres to eBay’s terms and conditions.

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