Variety Threepence Spotlight -1925 3d Filled 5, Die Cracks and Clashed Dies

1925 Threepence Variety

The 1925 Australian threepence showcased in this article is much more than your everyday pre-decimal small silver threepenny bit. To variety and error collectors this coin is an interesting study piece so let’s look more closely at its’ features. Evident on this coin is significant die cracking and heavy die clash. Let’s first look at the cracks and broken die. Click on any image to enlarge.

Reverse Die Break and Cracks
As more coins are struck, often through overuse the dies will often crack. This leads them to either shatter or be retired. Evidence of the cracking is always apparent on the struck coin and if a piece of die breaks away then it will leave a cud formed on the coin. In this case the crack has extended from the rim beads through the date and up to the scroll. It has lead to a piece of the die breaking away in the middle of the 5 leaving a cud. We’ll call this (just as in the filled 8 1948 threepence) the filled 5 variety.

1925 Threepence Filled 5 Die Crack

This coin also exhibits a large die crack from the rim to the kangaroo. There is also minor cracking through the legends.

1925 Threepence Die Crack Kangaroo to Rim

Die Clash
This occurs when the obverse and reverse dies hit together at force without a planchet in between them. This leaves the impression of the other die on the surface most of the time visible in the open fields of the coin. We’ve circled and numbered each part of the coin to explain the incuse markings. Our obverse image below shows each point circled (left) and an inverted overlayed reverse (right) showing the details of the clash so you can understand it a little easier.

1925 Threepence Obverse. Right with overlayed inverted reverse to explain die clash

1. Looks like George V is smoking! It is in fact the emu’s front leg that’s up holding the shield.
2. The kangaroos front leg, paw, and the edge of the shield can be seen behind KG’s head.
3. The bottom of the scroll can be seen below the back of the King’s coat.
4. The letters of the date 2 and 5 can be seen inverted, these are easily made out in the fields below the portrait.

5. The incuse curve on the reverse between the date and the scroll is the bottom edge of the King’s portrait.

1925 Threepence Variety -Circled Die Clash

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