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Australian 1966 20c Obverse Die Differences

A well known Australian decimal variety expert mentioned recently on the Australian Coin and Banknote Forum* that not only does the reverse of the 1966 20c coin show distinct mint marks, but also the obverse die shows differences between coins

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Australian 1966 2c Mint Marks

The 1966 2c coin was the highest mintage 1966 coin and was minted at the Melbourne branch of the Royal Mint (66,575,000 coins), the Perth branch of the Royal Mint (217,735,000 coins) and the RAM in Canberra (66,575,000 coins) .

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Australian 1966 5c Mint Marks

The 1966 5c coin was minted at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra (45,384,000 coins) and the London branch of the Royal Mint (30,000,000 coins). Distinguishing the two coins isn’t too hard and can be seen easily above. Look for

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Australian 1966 Decimal Coin Mint Marks

Due to the large number of coins required for the February 14 1966 changeover to decimal coinage in Australia several mints both here and abroad were used to produce the 1966 cupro nickel and bronze coinage. Coins were struck at

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C-Day 14th February 1966 From Pounds to Dollars Decimal Changeover Day

It was excitement and deep interest as consumers deliberately spent money to obtain the new dollars and cents on C-day Monday February 14th 1966. Banks had been closed since the previous Wednesday to allow the transition to decimal accountancy and

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Distribution of Coins for Decimal Changeover February 14th 1966

Can you imagine the task undertaken 50 years ago in distributing all new coins to all the banks around the entire country. What a mammoth task this was ensuring a supply of new coins ready for the morning of February

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Happy Valentine Decimals 1966

Valentines Day 1966 was also the day Australia converted to decimal currency fifty years ago. In celebration of the event we bring you Australia’s Valentine Decimals 1966 uncirculated set of coins. This set is not in the catalogues and only

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Mint Open Day for the 50th Anniversary of Decimal Currency 13 February 2016

The day before the 50th anniversary of decimal changeover the Mint will celebrate the anniversary of C-Day with an Open Day at the “decimal coin factory” in Canberra. The official anniversary is Valentines Day February 14th and the Mint has

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Operation Fastbuck -Delivering New Decimal Coins In 1966

The delivery of new coins needed at the changeover from pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents for February 14th 1966 was given the name “Operation Fastbuck”. New coins had to be delivered to banks for the opening of

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What Happened To All The Pre-Decimal Coins When Australia Changed To Decimal Currency?

In 1966 Australia changed from the pre-decimal system to the decimal system, which obviously necessitated the production of hundreds of millions of shiny new decimal coins. What is less obvious, and not often thought about is whatever happened to millions

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