Mint Open Day for the 50th Anniversary of Decimal Currency 13 February 2016

The day before the 50th anniversary of decimal changeover the Mint will celebrate the anniversary of C-Day with an Open Day at the “decimal coin factory” in Canberra. The official anniversary is Valentines Day February 14th and the Mint has already issued coins celebrating this 50th year of circulating decimal coins. Saturday the 13th is the chance for collectors to come and visit the Mint with many activities planned throughout the day. You’ll be able to purchase a ticket for a factory walk-though or join in a coin designing master class and meet some of the RAM’s design team. There will also be coin dealers attending showcasing the old pre-decimal coins with buying and selling similar to coin shows held around the country. Dealers will be offering valuations on your own prized coins or that coin that Grandad gave you when you were a kid so bring them along.

For more information see the RAM media release

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