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Error Spotlight – Rotated Double Strike 1964 Half Penny

Above you can see a very interesting coin error, a double struck half penny of Queen Elizabeth II. This double strike is a bit different in that both strikes occurred while the coin was completely retained within the collar die

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2015 2 Dollar Remembrance Orange Coloured Coin

The orange coloured $2 coin you might have found in your change marks Remembrance Day 2015 and the coins orange coloured rings resemble the glow of a sunset. Remembrance Day 11/11/2015 recalled 100 years since the poem “In Flanders Fields”

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Convict Love Token Exhibition in Ballarat

The Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (M.A.D.E.) in Ballarat currently has on display a 45 piece collection of convict love tokens that date from 1791-1843. Until 22 Jan the display features these rare keepsakes given to loved ones before

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New Issues Are Keeping Coin Collectors Very Busy

Coin and banknote collectors have been manic for the new design next generation $5 notes. First and Last prefix 2015 notes of the old design have also surfaced when we all thought 2013 might be the last year of issue.

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2016 New Five Dollar Note Value

Most of you are probably aware that a couple of months ago the 2016 Next Generation $5 Banknote was released. They are starting to appear in change and we’ve started getting questions from readers that mostly go something along the

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Next Generation 2016 5 Dollar Banknote Features

170 million next generation polymer $5 banknotes notes were introduced into circulation by the Reserve Bank of Australia from September 1st 2016. The serial numbers ranged from AA to EJ with AA the first prefix, EJ the last prefix and

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2016 New Generation $5 Note First and Last Prefix

Have you come across a new $5 note yet? They are taking their time to filter through the system but slowly and surely the banks are starting to handle these notes. Westpac customers have had the best luck with sourcing

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2012-2014 Australian Decimal Effigies Silver Dollar Series

With newly released coins celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday showcasing past portraits of the Queen used on Australian coins perhaps it’s time to brush up on some lesser known coins that you might just need in your collection. From 2012

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Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday 2016 PNC’s Machin, Maklouf and Rank-Broadley Portrait

Collectors, if you missed the made-to-order sets of the special 2016 coins minted to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday then here’s another chance to secure these coins in a sneaky release from Australia Post. Keen Canberra Mint (RAM) customers eagerly

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New Design $5 Note Released Today

Keen banknote collectors will today be hitting the banks in attempt to get their hands on new $5 notes released into circulation today. The first denomination released in the “new generation” of banknotes is this 5 dollar note with improvements

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