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ANDA Money Expo Report – Melbourne, August 2016

One of the blog authors was lucky (or unlucky depending if you like early mornings) to be able to catch a 7:00AM flight on Saturday 27 August 2016 departing frigid Adelaide for the equally frigid (and much windier) Melbourne.  The

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160 Years of Holden Heritage Collection Coins

2016 celebrates 160 years of Holden, the iconic Australian car manufacturer and this milestone is commemorated on twelve collectable 50 cent coins minted by the Royal Australian Mint. From its beginnings 160 years ago in saddlery Holden has manufactured car

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NSSA Coin, Banknote, Stamp & Collectable Expo Adelaide

Our local coin club the Numismatic Society of South Australia is preparing for THE coin event of 2016 -the NSSA Coin, Banknote, Stamp & Collectable Expo to be held on the weekend of December 3rd and 4th 2016. Save the

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2016 Coloured Olympic $2 Coin Distribution

We’re coming to the end of the road to Rio and the end of the road for shopping at Woolworths…phew. I’ve spent the last 5 weeks going out of my way to shop at Woolworths to have that “chance” to

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Australian 2 Dollar Struck on a 5 Cent Planchet

Do you see what I see? The eagle eyed collector will see parts of the design of the two dollar coin struck on, what, a five cent planchet? That’s correct, this coin is a $2 coin, it’s been through the

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Collecting Error Coins

Australian coin errors are among the most desirable in the world and prices realised show how popular these mis-strikes are to collectors. For modern errors especially, you can only wonder if the Royal Australian Mint are so strict with their quality

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1966 Upset 10 Cent Coin

The hunt for special error coins and varieties continues as we add new items and check them off our bucket list. One of those elusive varieties was found recently, the upset 10 cent piece of 1966. Minted in London for

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Coloured 2 Dollar Olympic Coins To Be Released

More coloured $2 coins are on their way with an announcement today that Woolworths in conjunction with the Royal Australian Mint will be the distributor of six coloured 2 dollar commemorative coins for the Rio Olympics. These will be available

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Rare Mint Error Coins No Colour – Red, Purple, Green and Orange Missing Colour 2 Dollar

Error coin collectors are being sucked in by offers of coins for sale with missing paint errors. Coloured 2 dollar coins are dis-honestly being sold as rare error coins from the Mint with descriptions like missing stripes no colour error,

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Exchanging Old Coins For Silver Value

We are often asked what’s the value of my coin and whilst we cannot provide individual coin value advice we do provide the tools you can use to work that out for yourself. Most commonly our readers have old silver

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