2019 Police Remembrance Coloured $2 Coin

Image Courtesy Royal Australian Mint

The immediately recognisable blue and white check pattern adorns the latest coloured $2 release from the Royal Australian Mint (RAM). This new coin commemorates the 30th anniversary of Police Remembrance Day on September 29th 2019. This special day praises, honours, thanks and remembers those who, in the line of duty have lost life to make our country a safer place.

These coins have been trickling into change via our security companies over the last month but are now readily available to collectors. The ever popular C mintmark coin housed in a collector card is released today with an issue price of $15 and a capped mintage of 40,000. The circulating coin (without a mintmark) is being released through dealers in rolls wrapped by the Royal Australian Mint guaranteeing the coins inside are in fact all these commemorative coins. These rolls are available from today through selected dealers at rrp. $99.95. An Australia Post PNC (circulating coin and stamp cover) is also available with 7,000 of these produced retailing at $19.95. Upcoming coin swap events will see collectors being able to obtain the circulating coins at face value by swapping them at the various locations in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne on September 12th. The coin swaps will swap cash for sachets of 5 coins each ($10 FV).

2019 Police Remembrance ‘C’ mintmark in Card (image courtesy Royal Australian Mint)

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