Brisbane Coin Shop vpcoins

vpcoins 1371 Logan Rd Mt Gravatt

vpcoins 1371 Logan Rd Mt Gravatt

Note: As of 2018 This shop is now permanently closed.

A few days away from a house full of children and a holiday to sunny Queensland found the Blog authors with little to do but eat fine food and drink beer. After about an hour of that we were drawn to an opportunity that doesn’t arise every day. To visit a brand new coin shop in the suburbs of Brisbane.

Staying on South Bank in the relaxing heart of Brisbane we decided it wasn’t going to be difficult to hop on a bus and travel to the new location of vpcoins just outside the city in Mt Gravatt. Brisbane has a dedicated Busway which allowed us to simply hop on the correctly numbered bus (170) in the city and “tap” our “go Card” and scoot through the Busway tunnels and lanes that took us onto the main road where vpcoins is located. A little way down Logan Rd we “tapped off” with our go card and we were at our destination before we knew it. We hadn’t envisaged it being as easy to get to so we were pleasantly surprised.

Having moved recently from a nearby shop, vpcoins is now located in a neat little shopfront on the main road, shop 1/ 1371 Logan Rd Mt Gravatt. We were presented with the tidiest and best presented coin shop we’ve ever set foot in with new carpet, fresh paint and smiling staff. Glass displays of mint product were on show as well as quality Australian pre-decimal coins and coins from around the world. Vic and Annette Power, the shops owners, were happy to show us their wares. You might know of Vic and Annette Power as their smiling faces are always present at ANDA (Australian Numismatic Dealer Association) shows held around the country during the year and Annette is the organiser for those events.

A trip to the vpcoins shop isn’t complete without venturing next door to Piefection who, we have got to say, have the best pies we have ever tasted. A Jack Daniels BBQ pork rib pie later and we were refreshed for the journey back into the city, bus number 170 again, couldn’t have been easier. If we had known that pie shop was there we probably would have made the trip just for the pie!

Being first timers braving public transport through Brisbane we were pleasantly surprised at the ease of finding our destination, so much less hassle than hiring a car and driving -and the new coin shop was a treat to visit. If you can’t make your local capital city ANDA coin show then visiting a great coin dealer in Brisbane, like vpcoins is a good substitute, as they can help you find that coin you’re after, provide a coin valuation, or buy your coin collection. They also house their coins in archival Saflips which gets the thumbs up from the Blog team! Vic and Annette also run periodic online auctions through their coin auction website.

vp coins

vp coins

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