Found! Just A Million 2014 Circulation Mob of Roos Dollar Coins to be Minted

Australia 2014 Dollar Mob of Roos

Australia 2014 Dollar Mob of Roos

It’s getting late in the year and one had assumed we wouldn’t see a 2014 issue of the mob of roos dollar coin in circulation. After the release of 23 million Anzac centenary commemorative dollars it seemed clear that was what you’d be finding in your change. In a stroke of cunning the Royal Australian Mint have in fact struck a million mob of roos dollar coins for circulation. This will be the only way to find the standard mob of roos struck on the aluminium bronze planchet and will be the lowest mintage circulating Australian dollar coin to date. This year, for the 30th anniversary of the dollar coin many versions of the Stuart Devlin design 5 kangaroos coin have been produced, but this is the first we’ve seen of the basic standard coin. In another twist to the story the Mint held their 2015 product launch last week in Sydney and Melbourne where they offered these circulation MOR $1’s to dealers for face value as an enticement to attend the event. These coins were rolled in plain brown paper with red writing “ONE DOLLAR $20”, not in RAM wrappered paper as we usually see genuine RAM rolls packaged but also not in identifiable security company paper. I’m yet to find an Anzac centenary dollar in my change so no doubt I’ll be waiting a long time to pickup one of these million kangaroo dollars. It’s not known where they’ll be distributed but I’d imagine one particular area of Australia will be hit hard with the remaining coins.

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