New Coins For Ford Enthusiasts And More Coloured 2 Dollar Coins On The Way

Every so often the Mints in Australia put forward their designs to Australian parliament for them to be approved before they can be made as legal tender. This is the case for collector coins and circulating coins. The 4th Royal Australian Mint currency determination for 2017 has been released and it gives us a first look at the ideas that the mint have about what they’ll release next.

If you thought 160 years of Holden was special well Ford fans hold onto your road service card hats. It looks like we’ll see a fleet of Ford themed coloured collector 50 cent coins celebrating the Australian classic Ford -the Model T, Model 40 utility, Mainline utility, XK Falcon, Cortina MK1, XR Falcon GT, XY Falcon GT-HO, XA Falcon, ZH Fairlane, XC Falcon Cobra and the XE Falcon ESP. A special uncoloured design featuring the Model T will also be released and called “Ford Australian Classics -The Manufacturing Era”.

Cars not your thing? How about trains then. The Canberra Mint are looking at releasing a coloured 50 cent celebrating the 75th birthday of the heritage icon the 3801 Steam Locomotive in 2018. The Jolly Green Giant is currently undergoing a major overhaul so one could expect an unveiling perhaps in 2018.

Remembrance Day will again be represented by another coloured $2 coin this release featuring a rosemary flower and rosemary wreath. A circulation coin will be complemented by a collector coin with a C mintmark. What colour will this $2 coin be?

Other issues in the pipeline include an Armistice Centenary dollar, 50 cent celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding (Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip 20 November 1947), Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games issues and $1 and $5 Battle of Beersheba: Change of the Light Horseman.

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