eBay Error Coins of the Week

It’s time to have a look at some of the most interesting error coins available to Australian buyers via eBay auctions or BIN listings.

Australian 1966 Upset Coin Error

The upset 1966 London minted 10 cent is a particular favourite of ours. The result of a moving obverse die these errors are available in a variety of degrees of upset. The one in this eBay auction is upset by what appears to be a bit less than 270 degrees, which is very similar to one of the coins in our article about this interesting error. The upset 10c available in the eBay auction appears to be circulated, but it’s an error that shows up infrequently and with uncirculated examples worth quite a bit more might be a bargain for the collector looking for one for their collection.

View the 1966 Upset 10 Cent Error on eBay

1947 Great Britain Sixpence Struck on a Split Planchet

Coins struck on split planchets are among the scarcest of decimal errors. These are different from the much more common split planchet coins, in that they are split BEFORE the coin is struck, while split planchet coins split AFTER the coin is struck. They are rare enough that we’re aware of less than 10 extant examples in the Australian decimal series. As a consequence if you want one you’ll most likely have to look at a foreign coin. In this eBay auction we’ve got a 1947 British sixpence that was struck on a split planchet. It shows the tell-tale striations on the obverse and strike weakness on the reverse. It’s a decent example of this unusual type of error.

View the 1947 Sixpence on a Split Planchet Error on eBay

2001 Centenary of Federation Upset Full Clockface Set

The 2001 Centenary of Federation Upset Dollar Error is the best known of all Australian upset coin errors. They are reasonably common and at any one time there’s usually several on eBay. What’s not common is someone having the patience to put together of 12 of the coins whose amount of die upset represents each hour of the clock face. That is, 30 degrees as 1 o’clock, 60 degrees as 2 o’clock, and so on. This eBay item does represent that though, 11 upset COF dollars and one properly manufactured coin giving a full clock face of upsets. We know of a few other people who have searched many thousands of coins to put together one of these sets!

View the 2001 Upset Dollar Coin Set on eBay

Information provided in this article is our opinion only on the coin depicted in the images shown in the eBay listing. It is not an endorsement of any seller and any purchase our readers make through eBay is at their own risk and adheres to eBay’s terms and conditions.

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