Northern Suburbs Coin and Stamp Fair – January 2019

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Coin Fair! Coin Fair! Coin Fair! Who doesn’t like a coin fair. Not us, we love them. Especially when they are coin fairs you attend almost by accident when you’re on holidays. On the first Sunday of each month the Northern Suburbs Coin and Stamp Fair is held at the Moonee Ponds Bowling Club in Moonee Ponds. Open from 9AM to 2PM the fair is organised by Steele Waterman of S&T Collectables. It has grown from from a single coin dealer event to what it is now, a monthly show with 5-10 local dealers in attendance.

On Sunday the 6th of January 2019 we caught the Craigieburn Line train from Flinders Street Station in Melbourne and after 10 minutes we got off at Moonee Ponds Station. It was a 10 minute walk to Queens Park. On one side of Queens Park is the Moonee Ponds Bowling Club where the fair is held. The room was well laid out with dealers lining each wall and couple in the middle of the room. Along the back of the room was the bowling club bar just in case you get thirsty!


A Grinning Steele Waterman (right) Welcomes us!

Steele’s table was right by the entrance and he greeted each person entering in his usual jovial fashion. Those selling and buying coins were locals, including Comm Coinage, various members of the Numismatic Association of Victoria, members of the Geelong Numismatic Society, Neil the Coin Enthusiast (we kid you not), and a couple of others whose names we didn’t catch. You can see images of the room below.

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There was an eclectic mix of material at the show. Items of interest we saw included a book on polymer notes we’ve not seen before, a lovely collection of Australian pre-decimal coins that had obviously been put together with care, Steele Waterman’s usual HUGE array of world coins, and some nice PCGS graded $2 coins. Of course it was (and always is) fun to talk to other coin collectors and that was probably the highlight of the day. That and the icy cold can of Solo from the bar and the leisurely walk around the lake out the back of the bowling club once we were done.

If you’re a coin collector looking for something to do on the first Sunday of every month then take the trip out to Moonee Ponds to the Northern Suburbs Coin and Stamp Fair. Admission is free, the venue is nice, and it’s super easy to get to. What’s not to like?

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