There’s a Letter or Number Stamped Into My Dollar Coin

Australian  $1 Coins with Stamped Numbers

Australian $1 Coins with Stamped Numbers

The most common question we get from readers of our Blog is something like:

Hi, I was wondering if a $2 coin with two ‘2’s printed/embedded on the heads side was worth anything? They are a third of the size of the normal ‘2’ on the coin


hi i just found a 1984 $1 coin (roos on the front) and on the back beside the queen is a big number 6 stamped on it. is this a legitamite coin and if so why the 6. i have never seen it before.


I have a $1 1994 australian coin and on the queens head side there is the number 5 etched/stamped just under her chin, which extends down to just above the date 1994. Is this an error or someone tampering with the coin?


I have a 1984 $1 mob of roos coin stamped with an S. on the bust side on the queens right sholder. I cannot find any info on the coin. Kind Regards.


Hi,I’m looking for information on the Australian 50 cent piece. I have one that has a “3” imprinted on the obverse side inbetween the date (1981) and the queens shoulder. Do you know anything about this kind of thing?

These markings are most commonly found on the 1 dollar coin but have been found on the 50 cent, 20c and 5 cent piece. The markings are always a number or letter stamped into one side of the coin. We are often asked how this has happened, what is it and is it worth anything? The number or letter appears to be stamped or punched onto the coin and has definitely been done after the coin has left the Mint and is called PMD or post mint damage.

Funnily enough all the ones we have found ourselves have been numbers stamped onto dollar coins and the font used is the same indicating they are from the same or similar source. It’s likely these coins have been marked to identify them again even though defacing currency is an offense. A possible scenario is the testing of vending machines.

In short whilst these coins with stamped numbers are interesting to find and I’ve often thought finding a whole set might be cool I could easily make these in my back shed with a set of punches and a hammer. They are not valuable and are still simply worth their face value but worth keeping as a curiosity if they strike a chord with you.

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