Error Coin Spotlight – 1966 London 20 Cent Planchet Flaw Error

1966L 20 Cent - Reverse Planchet Flaw

1966L 20 Cent – Reverse Planchet Flaw

This London minted 1966 20 cent has a detached planchet flaw. The flaw was certainly there when the coin was struck as there is no indication of the design of the coin “flowing” into the missing part of the design. Furthermore the edge of the flaw is crisp and the recessed area has the typical rough texture associated with split planchets and detached planchet flaws. In contrast, coins that are struck after flaws have detached typically show smoother edges to the flaw and the recesses can show signs of the coin design. The coin grades to about Extremely Fine.

Planchet Flaw Detail

Planchet Flaw Detail

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