Error Coin Spotlight – 1966P 2c Broadstrike

Australia 1966P 2c - Broadstrike Error

Australia 1966P 2c – Broadstrike Error

As no design elements of the coin design are missing this coin which failed to engage with the collar die correctly must be classified as an uncentered broadstrike. It appears to be a Perth minted coin which is a scarce coin in itself and the error and grade of the coin make it even more so. The attribution as a Perth minted coin should be taken with some caution as metal flow in the feet of the Devlin lizard design make identifying which (if any) claw is blunted troublesome. Metal flow has also caused impressive fishtailing on the legends of this coin, see the image below. The coin is toned glossy brown with remnants of mint red. It shows indications of improper storage in PVC at some point but this hasn’t damaged the coin in any appreciable way. There are four gouges at the bottom of the reverse side of the coin which while detracting are not uncommon on this type of error. It is theorised that these marks are placed there by press operators un-jamming a stuck coin press. The coin grades a lovely glossy brown UNCIRCULATED.

Detail of Fishtailing

Detail of Fishtailing

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