Error Coin Spotlight – Australia 1959 Florin Out of Collar

1959 "Pancake" Florin Error

1959 “Pancake” Florin Error

Struck completely out of collar and almost perfectly centered. As the coin was not constrained by the collar die as it was struck the metal has flowed radially in all directions resulting in the typical “pancake” like appearance that well centered out of collar strikes take on. Interestingly the diameter of the coin (29mm) is only slightly higher than a normal florin suggesting that the spreading of the coin while visually spectacular was not particularly great. This is supported by examination of the obverse legends which show some minimal fishtailing but not the amount you see in more grossly deformed coins. The coin is a fabulous grade, grading CHOICE UNCIRCULATED to GEM with just a few obverse hairlines detracting. The coin is probably the finest example of a centered out of collar (pancake) florin we’re aware of as often these coins jam in the coin press and are damaged by operators removing them.

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