Error Coin Spotlight -1975 50 Cent Off Centre Error

Australia 1975 50 Cent Off Centre Error

Australia 1975 50 Cent Off Centre Error

We posted this error coin up on the Coin Blog’s Facebook page and had a massive response reaching almost 4,000 of our readers so we thought pertinent to include it here as it’s a really stunning and obvious mint error coin.

Struck completely out of collar this Australian 50 cent error has been minted 6 millimeters off-center which has completely decapitated the kangaroo and emu! The top half of the star and the kangaroo and emu’s heads are missing on the reverse and the Queen is missing the top of her head and those top legends on the obverse are gone. As well as the missing design elements this coin has been well kept since it was first found if I may postulate perhaps it was found in a mint roll as it is of exceptionally high grade of choice uncirculated. Struck in 1975 at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra when the RAM sent just over 19 million 50 cent coins into circulation, this coin is a very rare and possibly unique coin of this year and denomination. This coin now resides in a PCGS slab graded MS62. Now for those of you gaping with awe pick your lip up off the ground and get back to work!

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