Paint on the Wrong Side “Bullseye” Coloured 2 Dollar Coin Errors

2015 Lest We Forget Coloured $2 Enamel on Wrong Side Error PCGS MS66 (image courtesy

Error coins are eagerly hunted by collectors and now with more and more coloured coins being minted for circulation by the Royal Australian Mint we’re seeing new types of error coins that never before existed. This is the more easily spotted and most eye-catching error where the paint has been applied to the wrong side of the coin. Optical processes at time of paint application are supposed to recognise the reverse of the coin then apply the paint but occasionally an error occurs and the enamel is applied to the wrong side of the coin. This has been seen on few occasions of the various coloured coins and collectors have named it a “bullseye” error. The coin seen above is one of these errors, the paint wrongly applied to the portrait (or obverse) side of the coin. Below we see the same coin in the PCGS slab graded PCGS MS66, a very high grade for such a coin and obviously pulled from a Mint roll or bag.

2015 Lest We Forget Coloured $2 Enamel on Wrong Side Error PCGS MS66 (image courtesy

A different example but a coin of the same type below can also be seen in its security bag!

2015 Lest We Forget $2 Bullseye Error in Security Bag

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