Wrong Paint Coloured 2 Dollar Coin Error

2017 Lest We Forget Mosaic $2 With Remembrance Rosemary Colour Error

What’s so special about this coin you say? If you know your coloured $2 coins you’ll see straight away, now pick your bottom lip up off the floor. The coin is a 2017 Lest We Forget coloured $2 which should have multicoloured mosaic painted reverse. Instead, the colour applied to this coin is for the coin released later in the year for Remembrance, the coin featuring green and purple Rosemary flowers. The wrong paint has been applied to the different reverse design coin. See the comparison image below and imagine the paint on the right hand coin has accidentally been applied to the coin on the left -WOW. I struggle to see how this error could be fabricated post-minting and believe this to be a genuine error coin. This is the first coin that has been found with this type of error, are there more out there?

2017 Coloured $2 Coins Left: Lest We Forget Mosaic Right: Remembrance Rosemary (images courtesy ramint.gov.au)

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