Remarkable eBay Errors of the Week

There are four pretty remarkable errors up on eBay at the moment. The scarcity of the errors would make them unusual to see in room auctions, let alone the 24 hour mostly-junk-garage-sale that is eBay. Let’s have a look at them

2016 Dollar Coin Struck on 10c Planchet

One of the more unusual wrong planchet errors we’ve seen in the Australian series. A 10c planchet somehow got into the 2016 dollar coin blanks when that year’s mob of roos dollars were being made and was struck with the one dollar design. We’ve seen these type of wrong planchet errors dated 1984, but to see one with such a recent date is very unusual.

View on eBay – 2016 Dollar Coin Struck on 10c Planchet

Double Struck 2014 20c

This is a particularly nice double struck 20 cent. We’ve discussed double struck coins in the past and it’s always nice to see one on a modern decimal coin like this. The second strike appears about 85% offset from the first and almost directly vertically above the first strike. The grade looks excellent too.

View on eBay – 2014 Double Struck 20 Cent

Double Struck 50c 1999-2017

Here’s a double struck denomination you don’t see too often, the 50c. This one is struck the second time about 30% offset from the first strike with the image of the coin showing remnants of the first strike under the second strike. Unfortunately the second strike has obliterated the date but on such an unusual error that doesn’t detract too much. The grade looks good and this would be a key piece of any decimal error collection.

View on eBay – Double Struck 50 Cent (Unknown Date)

Unknown Date 10 Cent struck on a 5 Cent Planchet

The 10 cent on a 5 cent planchet is actually one of the more common wrong planchet decimal errors, but saying that it’s still extremely unusual to see one. This one is more modern than most of the others we’ve seen with the images of the coin showing a date most likely this century as there is just the barest remnant of a 2 visible. The grade looks decent and you’d do worse than to own an error as fine as this one.

View on eBay – 10 Cent on 5 Cent Planchet

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