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We are often asked what’s the value of my coin and whilst we cannot provide individual coin value advice we do provide the tools you can use to work that out for yourself. Most commonly our readers have old silver coins and they want to know the value and where they can go to sell those coins. Once you have determined that the coin has no numismatic value* and is simply worth silver bullion value then you can use our handy silver coin value calculators to work out what that coin is worth. Some people are very surprised to see how much the old threepence, sixpence, shillings, florins and crowns, which all contain silver are worth. It’s surprising to see the value of the old coins add up way beyond their equivalent face vale. For example face value for a 1928 shilling is 10 cents but todays value (8 June 2016) is $3.70.

Using the Australian silver coin value calculator you can determine the amount of silver in ounces that you have and today’s value of the silver they contain in a variety of currencies. Remember that the silver value does fluctuate daily as silver prices change. Once you have filled in the numbers of coins you have the calculator works its magic and adds it up for you and you can print or save that information -see below.

Australian Silver Coin Value Calculator -example of use

Australian Silver Coin Value Calculator -example of use

Remembering the calculation is just a guide and coins wear and may not weigh exactly as they did as they left the mint. Nonetheless the calculator will give you a good idea of what your silver coins are worth. Got some world coins from other countries then we’re sure to have a calculator for those too -check down the right hand side of this page for links to calculate values for United States silver coins, Mexican silver coins and many other countries. On your mobile phone or mobile device? Don’t worry we have that covered too.

Where to now?

You could keep the coins and ride the silver bullion market wave or you could sell those old silver coins that you have just had laying around in the drawer. Options for selling are many and it depends on what you are comfortable doing and your location. If you are near a coin dealer that’s a great place to take your coins to sell them. If you want to sell them yourself you could choose an online option such as eBay. Alternatively there are many gold and silver bullion buyers out there that offer to buy broken and unwanted jewellery and they will buy your old coins for their silver content. There are many places to exchange your old coins for cash so keep an eye out when you are next out shopping and the jeweller you walk past on the way to the supermarket or the pub might just be in the silver trading business. Remember when selling to a coin dealer or a scrap bullion buyer that they’ll almost always offer you UNDER the actual bullion value because they need to be able to re-sell at a profit. This makes it seem that the best course of action is to sell the coins yourself via eBay, but remember they charge fees too, typically 10%-15% of the final sale value. So weigh your options carefully.

*numismatic value is what a coin is worth as a collector coin which is sometimes much more than a coins silver content. Take a look around the Australian Coin Collecting Blog for further information, pick up a coin catalogue or check sold results on eBay to see if your coin has numismatic value beyond it’s silver content. Remember though that numismatic value is based largely on condition and that means often it must look like the day it left the mint and a worn, circulated or “used” coin will be worth much less.

Silver Bullion Bars -where you old coin or broken silver jewellery might end up

Silver Bullion Bars -where you old coin or broken silver jewellery might end up

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Current Coin Values, Bullion Prices and Exchange Rates

AUD $15.09
Australian 1966 Round 50c
AUD $818.86
Gold Sovereign
AUD $1,025.10
Australian $200 Gold Coin
AUD $44.19
Silver Price (per Oz)
AUD $3,478.28
Gold Price (per Oz)
USD $0.6594
Australian Dollar

These values are updated hourly using New York market prices. Coin values are purely the value of the gold or silver they contain and do not account for any numismatic value.
Prices Last Updated: 08:04 10 Jun 2024

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