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1943 Penny Value

If you’re wondering what your 1943 penny is worth then you need to understand a few things before moving forward. Firstly, 1943 was right in the middle of World War 2 and there was a need for coin to keep

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Adelaide Coin and Banknote Expo This Weekend

Put down your phone coin enthusiasts, this weekend the biggest coin event in Adelaide is happening! We’ll be at the Torrens Parade Ground Hall in the city this Saturday and Sunday. The Coin Expo hosted by the Numismatic Society of

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2020 Mint and Proof Sets with New Queens Portrait

The new Jody Clark effigy of Queen Elizabeth II adorns each coin in the 2020 proof and mint sets released today by the Royal Australian Mint. These herald as the first sets with this new 6th portrait of the Queen

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2019 Alphabet Dollar Coins Available in Sets

How many times have you been to the Post Office in the past 4 weeks? The idea has been to get coin enthusiasts in-store, make a purchase and receive random alphabet $1 coins in change. What a hard slog that’s

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The Great Aussie Coin Hunt -26 Australian Themed Alphabet Dollar Coins from Esky to Iced Vovo, Cricket to Quokka

One Aussie theme for every letter of the alphabet with the first six coins available now in your change with a purchase at participating Australia Post outlets. The first releases are A for Australia Post, F for footy, I for

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Is the Royal Australian Mint Releasing Old Coins into Circulation?

On various Facebook coin groups over the last 10 months or so once every couple of weeks I see someone post up a picture of a shiny 1984 (or sometimes 1985) dollar coin asking how it could possibly look so

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2019 Police Remembrance Coloured $2 Coin

The immediately recognisable blue and white check pattern adorns the latest coloured $2 release from the Royal Australian Mint (RAM). This new coin commemorates the 30th anniversary of Police Remembrance Day on September 29th 2019. This special day praises, honours,

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Police Remembrance $2 Coin Swaps Around the Country

The latest coloured $2 is beginning to turn up in change around the country and the Royal Australian Mint is eager to distribute these coins prior to the 30th Anniversary of Police Remembrance Day on September 29th 2019. The Mint

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5,000 Anglo-Saxon Coins Unearthed by Detectorist

In December 2014, Paul Coleman discovered a large hoard of 5,248 Anglo-Saxon coins. They were minted during the reign of two kings: Ethelred the Unready (reign.978-1016) and Canute (reign.1016-1035). They were preserved in very good shape because they were placed

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2019 Blue and White Police Remembrance Coloured Two Dollar Coin Found!

Yesterday on social media someone posted up a new blue and white coloured two dollar coin. The obverse (heads) side of the coin showed the usual Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth. There reverse was very different. It showed a

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