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The Australian Coin Collecting Blog has just moved to it’s own new dedicated server. We’ve had to make these changes to accommodate the growing information and news on the Blog. These changes should make loading speeds faster as we’ve moved from data hosting in the East Coast USA to the West Coast USA so the data doesn’t have to travel as far to get back to readers in Australia. We hope in the coming weeks to move the server to Singapore as new server opportunities open up from our provider making speeds even faster again. Moving the site should improve the time taken to load pages and the thinking time of the calculator pages. These major hosting changes should make for a better reader experience on our site.

We’ve also added a handy new section onto the sidebar of the coin blog. The “Current Coin Values, Bullion Prices and Exchange Rates” box now tells you at a glance what the latest pricing is. These prices are updated hourly when the New York markets are open and are the most up to date. They give you the current silver price per oz converted to Australian dollars and the value of the 1966 round silver 50 cent piece. The gold price is listed per oz and the price of a sovereign and $200 gold coin is automatically determined.

We hope you find the added features useful and any feedback is welcome.

2oz SIlver

2oz SIlver

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Australian Numismatic Calendar

Current Coin Values, Bullion Prices and Exchange Rates

AUD $12.21
Australian 1966 Round 50c
AUD $694.06
Gold Sovereign
AUD $868.87
Australian $200 Gold Coin
AUD $35.73
Silver Price (per Oz)
AUD $2,948.15
Gold Price (per Oz)
USD $0.6612
Australian Dollar

These values are updated hourly using New York market prices. Coin values are purely the value of the gold or silver they contain and do not account for any numismatic value.
Prices Last Updated: 16:04 04 Jun 2023

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