New Coloured $1 Coin -Green Donation Dollar Sent to Circulation

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“DONATION DOLLAR Give To Help Others” are the words struck onto a new coloured one dollar coin hitting circulation. A call to action to be involved with a daily reminder in your change to give to charity, a worthy cause, struggling business or someone in need.

Bushfires, a pandemic, recession, we’ve been hit hard but as Aussies we’ll get up and go again. These coins are hitting banks, supermarkets and coffee shops so look out and you can do your own little bit of giving.

The Royal Australian Mint will be sending out a coin for every Australian (25 million) over the coming years and have already minted 4.5 million of these green coloured coins with 3 million already in distribution channels. Each coin features a green centre which will wear revealing gold ripples. The intention is for these coins to continue to revolve through circulation channels which brings a dilemma to the inner collector in ourselves. The Mint are not releasing this coin in any collector packaging.

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