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1970 Captain Cook Proof 50 Cent VIP Presentation Set

In 1970 Australia was excited about the very first decimal commemorative coin. This circulating coin was a dodecagonal 50 cent piece with the image and signature of Captain Cook and a map of Australia designed by Stuart Devlin. This commemorated

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1977 Silver Jubilee 50c : Australian 50 Cent Coins

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth in 1952 after the death of her father George VI. Interestingly she was not actually crowned until 1953. 1977 was the 25th anniversary of her ascension

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1981 Australian $200 Charles and Diana Gold Coin

Following on from the $200 gold coin program started in 1980 with the Koala Reverse $200 gold coin was the Charles and Diana Royal Wedding $200 gold coin issued in 1981. Struck to brilliant uncirculated standard only it was minted

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1981 Charles and Diana 50c -a flawed pair

This article appeared in February 2012 Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine written by the team at the Australian Coin Collecting Blog and is reproduced here for your viewing pleasure. On July 29th 1981 His Royal Highness, Charles the Prince of

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1981 Royal Wedding Charles and Diana 50c

Prince Charles is the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth II, first in line to the throne and potentially the next King of England and the Commonwealth. Nuptials between Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer took place on 29th July 1981

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1982 Australian $200 Brisbane Commonwealth Games Gold Coin

Commemorating the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982 a gold $200 coin was struck by the Royal Australian Mint. The XII Commonwealth Games logo can be seen on the commemorative 50c coin released into circulation. The 200 dollar gold issue features

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1982 Commonwealth Games 50c : Australian 50 Cent Coins

The 1982 Commonwealth Games 50c coin released to commemorate the Commonwealth Games which isĀ an elite sporting event held every 4 years and participant nations come from the Commonwealth of Nations (which was formerly the British Empire). The games have been

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1988 First Fleet Bicentenary Fifty Cent Coin

In 1988 Australia celebrated 200 years since the arrival of the First Fleet. Captain Arthur Phillip led the party of 11 ships to the founding of Sydney and the colonisation of New South Wales. Arriving between 18-20th January 1788 1,487

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1988 Opening of Parliament House 5 Dollar ($5) Coin

In 1988 the Royal Australian Mint produced it’s first 5 dollar coin commemorating the opening of New Parliament House in Canberra. Celebrating it’s 25th birthday this year with the release of Australia’s first triangle shaped Parliament House silver proof 5

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1990 75th Anniversary Five Dollar Coin Gallipoli Veteran Presentation Set

1990 was the 75th anniversary of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli in Turkey. The Royal Australian Mint released an aluminium bronze five dollar coin to commemorate the event, minting just over a million in uncirculated condition that were packaged with

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