2015 Circulating Australian Coins

The Royal Australian Mint has surprised collectors by letting loose all 2015 dated circulation coins in the first month of the year. Now collectors aren’t left guessing about which and what coins we’ll see in our change. Today the Mint opened a pop-up shop in Melbourne (without the mobile coin press) especially for Australia Day and swapped old coins for lustrous new coins for visitors to Federation Square in the city. Included coins in the swap were the $2 aboriginal, the mob of roos dollar, the commemorative ANZAC dollar, Coat of Arms 50 cent, platypus 20 cent, lyrebird 10 cent and echidna 5 cent pieces all dated 2015 with a face value of $4.85.

Even though we have the option of diving in and buying a mint set to obtain examples of the standard design coins, it’s always a collectors delight looking out for these coins throughout the year and noticing which denominations will be added to circulation. Perhaps I’m just a little disappointed but maybe there will be other circulating coins as the year progresses.

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AUD $11.94
Australian 1966 Round 50c
AUD $716.67
Gold Sovereign
AUD $897.18
Australian $200 Gold Coin
AUD $34.95
Silver Price (per Oz)
AUD $3,044.22
Gold Price (per Oz)
USD $0.6583
Australian Dollar

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