eBay Error Coins of the Week

This is the first of what we hope will be a regular feature where we look at a few of the most interesting error coins available to Australian buyers via eBay auctions or BIN listings.

Australian 1962 Partial Collar (Ramstrike) Florin

We’re very partial to partial collar errors (heh see what I did there) and this 1962 florin is better than most. Usually these coins circulate for a long time resulting in the non-protected side of the coin being heavily worn, scuffed and even scratched. The obverse of this florin is a decent grade, showing slight circulation wear only while the reverse, being partially protected by a high lip (typical of a ramstrike) looks very nice indeed. Of particular interest to the new error collector is the characteristic double rim around the bottom half of the coin showing where the coin blank only partially engaged with the collar die before being struck.

View the 1962 Florin Partial Collar on eBay

Australian 1989 $2 Clipped Planchet Error

It’s always unusual to see a clipped planchet error on an Australian Aluminium Bronze coin. The 1989 $2 in this eBay auction is a lovely example of the type, showing a decent sized curved clip at the very top of the coin. The error also clearly shows one of the signs of a genuine clipped planchet error, namely a strong Blakesley effect at the bottom of the coin opposite the clipped area. The images of the error are good enough to suggest the grade of the coin is decent too, perhaps even uncirculated. One comment I have to make is that it’s always funny to see people placing a whole coin into the clipped region to somehow prove that the error is genuine. This is of course the wrong thing to do, the clipping of the planchet occurs BEFORE it is struck and it’s quite possible for the clipped region to deform during the striking process so that a whole coin no longer fits in the gap, and that doesn’t stop the error from being a genuine one.

View the 1989 Clipped Planchet $2 on eBay

Australia 1966 1c Struck on Incomplete Planchet

The seller of this 1966 1 cent has described the error incorrectly as a ‘pinched planchet’ which is an older description of a small clipped planchet. In actual fact, this coin has been struck on an incomplete and likely underweight planchet. The reverse shows what appears to be a large planchet flaw on the left side while examination of the obverse area opposite shows the design was not fully struck up. What does this indicate? That the missing part of the coin was missing when the coin was struck, and because of that the obverse design opposite was not fully struck up. This error is the same type as this 1966 2c on an incomplete planchet that we wrote about recently. The images of the coin in this eBay sale suggest the grade is fairly good, perhaps with some remaining lustre and mint red.

View the 1966 1c on an Incomplete Planchet on eBay


Information provided in this article is our opinion only on the coin depicted in the images shown in the eBay listing. It is not an endorsement of any seller and any purchase our readers make through eBay is at their own risk and adheres to eBay’s terms and conditions.

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