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Hello, I was reading you September 24th 2009 article on Australian Decimal Mint Rolls. I was wondering if you could give me advice on how to obtain mint rolls through security companies or banks [if it’s still possible today]. Specifically advice on how to approach them, what problems i might encounter and costs on top of the coin face value.


There’s no easy way to find decimal coin rolls. Banks will usually give you bags or rolls if you ask but they are most often not new shiny coins but recycled through their system. If they have new coins it’s usually pot luck, right place right time, it’s something you can’t really judge unless you befriend your local bank and know their coin ins and outs. It helps to have an account with that bank or you may be charged fees. It also depends on the location of the branch whether they get coin delivered from a security company or deposits from retailers support their coin demand.

The only way to get coins from security companies is to know who they deliver to and smile and ask nicely as you go through the supermarket checkout as you ask for more of the shiny coins they’re giving out. Again, it’s pot luck whether those rolls or bags are recycled coin or new coin from the Mint. The Royal Australian Mint send their new coins to the security companies, so that’s where those new coins first go. You could become a client of the security company just like Woolworths and Coles (etc) but I imagine there are significant fees associated with that.

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