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2008 Double Tail Roo Variety Dollar

The Mob of Roos dollar design by Stuart Devlin consists of 5 kangaroos ranging in size and has been issued in Australia since 1984. Over the years collectors have noticed weaknesses in the die where cuds have appeared as small

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2015 ANZACS Remembered 20c Packaging Error

In 2015 the Royal Australian Mint produced a number of collector 20 cent coins that were available to buy when you purchased a newspaper. Collector interest has always been with the limited release red coloured poppy dollar coin issued with

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2015 Netball 20 Cent Counterstamp Variations

We got 10 of the 2015 20c Netball S counterstamps a couple of days ago. The quality of the coins isn’t the best that we’ve seen from the RAM in recent times but we’ve had a closer look at the

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2015 Sydney Netball World Cup S Counterstamp Error

A Blog reader emailed us after reading our article about the quality of the S counterstamp Netball 20c coins. He explained he obtained two coins both depicting the lustre break at the base of the Queen’s neck and the strike

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2017 20c Struck on Cook Islands 2 Dollar Planchet

Above you can see one of the most spectacular errors to come out of the Royal Australian Mint since the Australian 20c and dollar coins struck on bi-metal planchets. Or perhaps an error by the Royal Mint accidentally striking Australian

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A Partial Engagement –the story of partial collar errors

This article was published in the Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine, March 2017 issue and was written by the Australian Coin Collecting Blog.Subscribe here to CAB magazine. What is a Partial Collar Error? The Partial Collar Error is an interesting

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A Year 2000 20 Cent Tilted Partial Collar Error

Over the years we’ve seen a number of year 2000 20 cent coins that were struck incorrectly, usually they’ve been tilted or straight partial collar errors. Above you can see an image of one such coin that is a bit

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Australia 1943s Shilling S over D Variety

The Australian 1943 shilling struck in San Francisco shows a distinctive S mintmark on the reverse and can be found with the variety seen above commonly known as the S over D variety. The only other Australian shilling struck in

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Australia 1984 One Dollar Error Struck on Copper Nickel 10c Planchet

Father Christmas must have thought I’d been very very good this year with a surprise present that is truly spectacular. Adding to my personal collection of one dollar coins and errors this 1984 one dollar is struck on an Australian

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Australian 1992 Mob of Roos Dollar

There’s a big question over whether this coin exists or not -the Stuart Devlin designed 5 kangaroos standard reverse design on the Australian one dollar coin dated 1992 and released into circulation. The Royal Australian Mint certainly think they minted

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