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Using the Images on This Site

Unless otherwise stated the copyright for images used on this site is owned by the Australian Coin Collecting Blog. You are not allowed to use or reproduce them in any form for any reason without our permission. We’ve spent a

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Collecting a ‘Type’ Set of Coins

One of the beauties of coin collecting is that there are no hard and fast rules that determine what you should and shouldn’t collect. One way of collecting coins is collecting a ‘type’ set of coins. A type set of

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Collecting the Dollar Coin From 1984 to 2015

Collecting the Australian dollar coin used to be a well loved pastime but in recent years the scale of collecting these has become such a chore that it’s no longer enjoyable -for this collector at least. Thirty years of the

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South Australian Stamp Duty Die 1 1/2d 1939-1953

The South Australian government collected stamp duty on cheques from 1886 to 2004 and during that time both adhesive and embossing stamps were used to determine when that duty had been paid. The stamp duty rate was increased to 1

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Valuable Coins in Your Change

A presentation given by one of our authors at the recent 2015 Conference of the Numismatic Association of Australia.

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We’ve Got a New Domain!

Back in 2006 this site started out as an information site about Aussie threepences, hence the domain name In 2007 it took a change in direction and became a blog about collecting Australian coins, collecting error coins, and about

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NAAC 2015 Adelaide Commemorative Medallion

Seen above in antique silver is the NAAC (Numismatic Association of Australia Conference) Commemorative Medallion that was struck for the 2015 Sixth International Conference of the Numismatic Association of Australia Inc. The Conference was held in Adelaide on 23 to

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2015 Sixth Biennial Conference of the Numismatic Association of Australia

The Sixth Biennial Conference of the Numismatic Association of Australia Inc. took place in Adelaide over the weekend of 23-25th October 2015. Held every 2 years the conference was a chance for dedicated numismatists and interested collectors to meet up

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What if the Dollar Wasn’t a Dollar? We nearly had a Royal!

In the news recently has been funny suggestions of what we should change our dollar to. From “Dollarydoos” to “Straya Cash” it’s all in jest but what if our dollar wasn’t called a dollar? Coming up to 50 years since

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2015 Orange Remembrance $2 Coin

Last month a new currency determination was handed down in the Australian Parliament and it included provision for a new coloured $2 coin. You can see the currency determination here. This time the coin is going to include “a pattern

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