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Counterfeit Australian $2 Coins

These counterfeit two dollar coins surfaced in change a few years ago now, around mid 2005. Certainly a good dodgy coin which on passing the everyday Joe wouldn’t look twice at. But those in the know can pick them a

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Proclamation Coin – Netherlands Gold Ducat

In my previous entry about Australian proclamation coins I mentioned the Gold Ducat of the Netherlands which was valued at 9 shillings and sixpence in the proclamation. A small 21.8mm coin minted from about 3.49g of 0.986 fine gold you

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Coin Errors and Misstrikes

A master list of articles we’ve written about error coins, misstrikes, wrongly minted coins and coin press mishaps. Research your own dodgy looking coin and learn if it’s really a genuine coin error or PMD -damage after the coin was

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2007 Sydney Harbour Bridge 75th Anniversary Dollar Coin

2007 saw the 75th anniversary of the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge has become a national icon for Australia recognised all over the world. It was opened on 19th March 1932 after 8 years of construction with

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Australian Decimal Mint Rolls

When coins leave the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra to enter circulation as our new currency they are usually sent to security companies for distrbution. Security companies distribute coins to banks and retailers. The bulk lots of coins from the

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How to Determine a Genuine Clipped Coin Error

We’ve looked at all the different types of clips before and how they’ve occured but how can you really tell if you have a genuine clip or not? Often it is difficult to tell if a clip is a genuine

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Proclamation Coin – Spanish Silver Dollar or 8 Reales

In our previous entry about Australian proclamation coins I mentioned the Spanish Silver Dollar (or 8 reales) which was valued at 5s the proclamation. The 8 reales (or royals) coin of Spain and her colonies was probably the best known

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The Upset or Rotated Die Coin Variety Error

An upset coin is produced during minting when the dies for the reverse and obverse of the coin are not aligned correctly. This may be because it was incorrectly installed in the press or it rotated during the production run

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Australian Dollar Coins – 1994 Dollar Decade

It is perhaps appropriate that in the same year that the Australian dollar coin turns 25 that I do a quick entry on the coin celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the dollar coin. In 1994 the Royal Australian Mint

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Rotated Double Struck Coin Error

Previously we talked about double struck coins errors but this entry largely covered double struck coins where the coin had been struck once and then partially left the coining chamber before being struck again. This results in two clearly visible

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