Coin Errors and Misstrikes

This page is a master list to help you find the articles we’ve written about error coins all in one place! Happy error collecting!

Brockages of Australian Coins
Brockage contained in an Indent
Indent Error with Partial Brockage 50c
Die Cap Coin Errors
5c Bottle Top Die Cap Error
1981 20 cent double struck partial brockage indent error

Clipped Coin Errors
How to Determine a Genuine Clipped Coin Error
Clipped Planchet Error Coin – Straight Clip
Curved Clipped Planchet Error Coins
Double Straight Clipped Planchet Coin Error Part 2
Double Straight Clipped Planchet Coin Error
Double Curved Clipped Planchet Coin Error
Elliptical Planchet Error Coin
Outward Curving Clipped Planchet Error Coin

Double Strikes
Out of Collar Double Struck Coin Error
Flip Over Double Struck Coin Error
Rotated Double Struck Coin Error
A Double/Tripe (and more) Struck 1946 Shilling -Out of Collar Multiple Strike
Brockage Indent Double Strike Partial Collar 20 cent multiple error coin
Rotated Double Struck 1964y Halfpenny Error

Errors Due to Collar Problems or Planchet Location Problems
Australian Broadstrike Errors
1966p 2 cent Broadstrike
Off-Centre Coin Errors
Out of collar or Partial Collar Coin Errors
Ramstrike or High Lip Coin Error
Ramstrike Australian 50c Coin Error
Australian Indent Errors
Australian Indent Error with Partial Brockage Penny
Indent Error with Partial Brockage 50c
1954 Florin Struck Through Crescent Clip Blank Error
Tilted Partial Collar Error Year 2000 20 Cent

Errors Due to Planchet Flaws or Impurities
Peel or Lamination Flaw Coin Error
Planchet Flaw Coin Error
The Clamshell Coin Error
Australian Split Planchet Errors
Split Planchet Errors Part 2
Split Planchet Errors Part 3 Hinged Split or Clamshell
Lamination Flaw -there’s a hole right through my coin!
Strike Through Error
2c Struck Thru Oil Error
1966L 20 cent planchet flaw error

Other Coin Errors
The “Upset” coin error.
Double Errors
Rare Australian Decimal Coins: Part Two- Extreme decimal rarities
The Mule Coin Error
The 2000 $1 / 10c Mule
Die Clash Error Australian Sixpence
Clashed Die or Die Clash Coin Error
Coin Cuds or Die Chip Error Coins
Australian One Dollar Mob of Roos Rabbit Ear Error
2008 Double Tail Roo Dollar Variety
The Die Adjustment Strike Error Coin
1964 Penny Low Pressure Strike Error
Papua New Guinea 1975 20 Toea Indent Error

Wrong Planchet Error Coins
One Dollar on 10c Planchet
Wrong Planchet Error Coins
Foreign Planchet Error Coins
Australian Mob of Roos One Dollar Struck on Venezuelan Bi-metal Planchet
Australian $2 Struck on Foreign Planchet or Washer!
Australia 1995 United Nations 20c Struck on Thai Temple Token Blank
More Australian Two Dollar Error Coins Struck on Euro 10c Planchets
$2 Struck on 5 Cent Planchet Error
1944s Florin Struck on a Shilling Planchet Error

Technically not an error
Coin Blank Planchets
Fake Errors -Don’t be Fooled, PMD Post Mint Damage
Missing Colour 2 Dollar Coins

Coin Errors on display at the Royal Australian Mint
Error Coins on Display at The Royal Australian Mint
Error Coins on Display at The Royal Australian Mint Part 2

Coin Errors “One in a Million’ Unexpected Treasures” RAM Exhibition September 2011
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Articles appearing in CAB Magazine
A Partial Engagement –the story of partial collar errors March 2017 issue
Split Planchet Decimal Coin Errors May 2015 magazine
Hub Doubled 1943M threepence June 2015 magazine
Dramatic $2 Coin Errors Appearing (double struck 2 dollars) August 2010 issue
The Foreign Planchet Shilling September 2011 issue
1981 Charles and Diana 50c -a flawed pair February 2012 issue
How to Determine if a Clipped Planchet Error is Real June 2012 issue
Australia $2 Struck on Euro 10c Planchet September 2012 issue
A Striking Partial Collar 2c Error May 2013 issue

Interesting World Errors
New Zealand Split Planchet -coin struck on already split planchet
Papua New Guinea 20 Toea Indent
Great Britain 1966 Sixpence Straight Partial Collar with Royal Mint Letter
New Zealand 2004 10 Cent 1 Dollar Mule
New Zealand 1967 2c Muled With Bahama Islands 5 Cent
Fiji 1969 5 cent Struck on a Split Planchet

Mint Mistakes

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